Yeah, unfortunately, I am alive. lol

Well, I received a couple of messages asking me where I was. Firstly I wasn’t around Tumblr because I was focusing on my studies since I’m trying to get in a university. And then, I lost my old hard drive plus all my Block B stuff that I was gathering since their pre-debut days… Stuffs that includes videos, images, everything you can pretty much imagine. Now that I have a new HD, I decided to not save every shit I see in my front, specially files like videos that is heavy.

So yeah, now I’m officially closing this blog. I won’t deactivate it since I know some people like my editions, so I’ll be just moving to another account (since this blog only focused on Block B graphics). It won’t focus just on Block B, so follow me just if you want to. It’ll be a pleasure to follow you back :)

Good bye, and thank you!